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Fab India – Makeup Remover Panchpushp – Review

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holi☺

Girls what do you all do at the airport waiting for your flight? My favorite activity is exploring all the shops at the terminal.  And this is how randomly I picked up the product which I am going to review today.

I purchased Fab India – Makeup Remover Panchpushp from the Fab India store at the New Delhi airport.  Aahhh dilli I miss u so much😑


Fab India is an Indian brand famous for their natural skin care products. The products are not very highly priced and quite effective.

What Fab India says:-

“This soap-free makeup remover contains extracts of rose, jasmine, lavender, chamomile and geranium.  It gently and effectively removes makeup while cleansing and toning without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.”



Rs. 295/- for 100 ml

How to Use:-

Apply onto a cotton swab and gently cleanse in an upward direction”. 


My Take on Product:-

The name caught my attention Makeup Remover – “Panchpushp“.  Panchpushp literally means five flowers.  Now a makeup remover with extracts of five flowers is definitely interesting.

This makeup remover comes in a big, plastic cylindrical bottle with a white cap.  The cap shuts tightly with a click and you can easily carry it in your bag without the fear of spilling it.

Now though this make up remover is in a liquid form,  when u pump it, it comes out as a white foam.


One or two pumps are enough for me to remove my facial makeup. I take it on a cotton ball and wipe my face with it. Later I wash my face with water.  It does not make my skin dry and is mild on the skin.  It removes the bbcream/foundation /blush from my face quite effectively. Fragnance is mild and nothing that bothers me.


Effectively removes makeup

I don’t use this to remove my eye and lip makeup, so can’t really comment on that.

The only thing I don’t like about FabIndia products is that they are not easily available in all their stores.   I mean I have not seen this makeup remover in any of their Mumbai stores.  Nor is it available online. Previously also I had used their seabuckthorn face wash which is not available now.

To Sum up:-


1. Soap free.

2. Contains extracts of five flowers.

3. Effectively removes my face makeup.

4. Mild on skin.

5. Bottle comes with a pump.


1. Not available easily.

MFL Ratings:-


Overall a great product. Do give it a shot if u find it.

Which makeup remover you girls use? Do let me know in the comment box below.

Cya soon.  Take care.


4 thoughts on “Fab India – Makeup Remover Panchpushp – Review

  1. nice.. I ll check out if SG Fab India has it.. I havnt had a chance to go check it out.. And my go-to makeup remover ie if I am wearing makeup .. hehe is Neutrogena and for the lazybum in me I also keep Makeup cleansing wipes by my bedside…Neutrogena and a brand called Simple (known for their oily and acne skin products) 😉
    Good write up.. I know how much you enjoy shopping at airports…


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