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Kohls/Kajals I have used, My favorites and Mini Reviews

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How are you all?
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I am not much into eye makeup,  but one thing I can’t do without is my kohl or kajal as they call it here in India. For today’s post I have made a list of Kohls/Kajals I use and a quick review of each of them. 
1. Lancome LE Crayon Kohl- 01 Noir
My least favorite amongst all and I guess the most expensive.  Lancome LE Crayon Kohl retails for about Rs. 1400/- here in India. Not the darkest, needs multiple swipes to show on my waterline. Needs to be sharpened.  Doesnt stay for too long.  Not impressed at all. 1/5

Lacombe kohl - Top one swipe- Bottom - Two Swipes

2. Maybelline The Colossal Kajal –
This was my most used kajal at one point of time.  I keep buying this, it is like my basic tube of kajal which is always there in my bag.  I need 3-4 swipes for it to show on my waterline.  I like my kohl to be dark black and this one is not. Price Rs.  200/- 2.5/5.

Maybelline Kohl - Top- one swipe Bottom - Two Swipes

3. Sugar Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal 01 Black Velvet –

This one is by a new brand called Sugar Cosmetics.  Not the darkest one available,  it is an average kajal.  I need about 2-3 swipes on the waterline.  Also this one breaks if I use pressure while applying. Stays for about 3 hours on my waterline without smudging. Cost is Rs.  350. My ratings 3/5.

SUGAR Kajal TOP-ONE Swipe, Bottom - Two swipes

4. L’oreal Kajal Magique Bold- This was launched earlier this year.  It is a bolder,  blacker version of L’oreal kajal.  I need about 2 swipes on my waterline to get that dark black color. Breaks on the waterline when applied too much pressure. Price 350/- look for sales on Nykaa. 3.5/5.

L'oreal Kajal- Top - One Swipe, Bottom - Two Swipes

5. Chambor Smoky Eyes Intense Kohl- Oh I am super impressed with this brand. I had randomly picked this one.  Love it.  Opaque in one stroke.  Stays for about 6 hours without smudging. Needs to be sharpened. 4/5


6. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal- My absolute favorite. Blackest with 8 hours stay on the waterline. Comes with a smudger.  Little expensive. 750 bucks but worth every penny.   Look for sales on NYKAA.  I bought it recently for 480. 4.5/5.

LAKME KOHL TOP-ONE Swipe, Bottom - Two Swipes

I would really recommend Chambor and Lakme.  Do give them a shot.


Cya soon.


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