What to buy from Sephora and my favourites…

Hey Sweethearts…

How are you all doing?? So last time I shared the good news about Sephora opening in Mumbai… Today I’ll share with you girls what brands you can pick up from Sephora and some of my favorites…

I first got to know about Sephora in October, 2014..I was in Delhi with a friend of mine who is as crazzy for makeup and shopping as I am…and she said let’s go Sephora.. I still remember I asked her what’s Sephora…??  I was clueless…anyway during dat trip we both couldn’t go to Sephora…but I had to find out what Sephora was… N I did my research…. October 2014, I dint know what Sephora was…. January  2016 I hav lost count of how many times I hav been to  Select City Walk, Delhi and Sephora there..(BTW I love Delhi.. More on dat later…)

I have friends who are not aware of Sephora so this post is for my friends and readers who are new to the makeup world and would like to know and shop at Sephora, Mumbai.

What is Sephora? And which brands Sephora, India stocks??? 

Sephora is a French brand and chain of cosmetics stores worldwide… Sephora stocks more than 200 brands offering beauty products including makeup, skincare, Body care, fragrances…… (I really wanna visit Sephora at Champs Elysees in Paris, France.😍😀)

So many brands under one roof… 😱😎 But hold on…. Mumbai store won’t have all of them…so which brands Mumbai will get for sure….

  1. Benefit (US based brand)
  2. Burts Bees (US based brand)
  3. Soap and Glory (UK based brand)
  4. Nyx (US brand)
  5. The Face Shop (Korean brand)
  6. Stila (US brand)
  7. Sephora (French Brand).
  8. MUFE

I hope Mumbai Girlies are lucky and get Nars, Urban Decay as well but not too hopeful about them..

The only brand I have not tried from the above list is The Face Shop… I wonder why… They are known for their face masks, bb creams and cute packaging…Maybe it will be my first purchase from the Mumbai,  Sephora…. Let’s see😀

Products which I have purchased from Sephora (Delhi as well as Singapore) brand wise:-


1.LIP AND CHEEK STAINS-Benetint (cult product), ChaCha Tint (my absolute favorite)

2. HIGHLIGHTERS – HIGHBEAM (Came as a part of Sugarlicous Kit and my favourite),  Girl Meets Pearl

3. BLUSH- Fine One One (my favorite),Sugarbomb Powder Blush(Part of sugarlicious kit.. M not a big fan)

4. PRIMER – The Porefessional (average according to me)

NYX (My favourite brand amongst all of the above) 

  1. NYX CREAMY MATTE LIPTICK – Morroco,  Ibiza, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa(love them all😍)  Tokyo (least favorite had ordered online)
  2. NYX ROUND LIPTICKS- Narcissus (like it)

I wanna try so many other products from NYX… Hopefully soon…

Soap and Glory

  1. SOAPER HEROES (5 Best selling products from Soap n Glory… Love them all… Cute pink packaging)
  2. Face Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox face vitamin C facial wash (average product)
  3. Sexy Mother Pucker (hahaha what a name…. It’s a lip plumper…can be tried once)
  4. The Fab Pore – Cleansing tissues. (not used them much… In fact took them out of the closet for the post 😀)


  1. Pink Blossom Tinted Lip Balm (Love it)
  2. Orange Essence Facial Cleanser (Hate it)


  1. Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick (Carina)… – absolutely lov it. Want to buy Beso now.


I have just used the face masks… Bought loads of them… Like them….

And here are the piccys of few of the above products.(i have misd out on the face masks and sexy mother pucker in des pics..)

My Sephora goodies


So this was all about Sephora…. Can’t wait to visit Mumbai outlet… Will update you soon…

Till then take care… ☺


4 thoughts on “What to buy from Sephora and my favourites…

  1. Mast…good review Amruta… I liked it…very curious to know about your other reviews…. I have to go with you such interesting places and want your advice as well…


  2. I will definitely be picking up Benefit and Nyx from Sephora.I live in a town where I do not have any high end makeup brands so will definitely be visiting Sephora next week when I will be in Delhi. .Thanks for the post Amruta.


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