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Beauty Products I Regret Buying

Hello All, 

Long time..
Hope you all are doing good. 
I love to try different makeup and beauty products.   Some of these are random purchases. I love some of them,  some are just about average and some I absolutely regret buying.  I mean,  when I see them lying in my cupboard,  I wonder what was I thinking when I bought them.
Before I start with my list,  I would like to clear that these are not bad products. It is just that they did not work for me.


1. MAC Girl About Town–  I know, I know,  one of the raved Fuschia from  MAC, but I hate it. Nothing special about the color.  Too blue based for my liking.  I remember I had bought it on MAC SA recommendation. Absolutely regret it. Will pass it to my mum. Hope she likes it.
2. Bourjois Paris – 123 Perfect CC Cream-Shade No. 32 Beige Claire –  
I had read lots of positive review about this brand and wanted to pick up something.  I bought this CC cream and absolutely regret it now.  This cream leaves whitish cast on my face. Does not spread properly.  Absolute waste.
3.Inglot Pencil/Crayon AMC Shade 11-
Gorgeous peach color BUT the TEXTURE, drier than the Sahara!  I mean it’s like torturing my lips.  MAC Retro Matte is better than this.  Sad.. I love the color though.
4.SOAP N GLORY Sexy Mother Pucker –  Yummy Plum
This is a lip plumper.  Does nothing extraordinary.  Costs about 1100 here in India.  I picked on my first trip to Sephora in Delhi. Went a bit crazy.  Now sort of regret it.
5.Lakme 9-5 Creaseless Lip BALM-Rose Affair
I don’t remember when and why I bought it.  Silly me.  I hate it.  Period.
6. Sugar Cosmetics Scarlett O,Hara –
Don’t get me wrong, its a beautiful color,  awesome texture.  It’s just that it does not look good on me.  I had received Mary Poppins with my December Fab Bag and I love it absolutely… so ordered this but the color doesn’t look good on me. So it is just an extra red lipstick in my vanity.
7.L’oreal Pure Reds Pure Amaranthe –
Again a good shade, favorites with many. But I don’t like it on me. Also does not like the stain it leaves behind.  Should have picked other shade from this range.  Rs. 995 wasted.
8. Stila All Day Lipstick – Fiore
I have Karina (oops Carina I mean 😀)
from this range and I love it.  This shade ummm nothing special about the color.  I bought it when Sephora opened here in Mumbai.  Bought it in a haste. Not worth 1900.


So this was my list.  U must have noticed most of them are lipsticks.  I am sooo fond of lipsticks that I buy them at times without thinking.

Do you have any makeup/beauty products that you regret buying??
Do share with me.
Cya soon.
Take Care.

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