Longg time…. I had a wonderful vacation in Singapore with my buddy Tanvi. Almost went bankrupt with the amount of makeup I bought😀Came back and got busy with work. How are you all doing? 

If you have read my review on Kama Ayurveda Nimrah  Anti  AcneFace Pack, (read it here) https://makeupfashionluv.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/kama-ayurveda-nimrah-anti-acne-face-pack-review/  you must be aware that I am a big fan of their products.  I have to buy something whenever I step into their luxurious store.(KAMA AYURVEDA does not pay me for writing this.)   On my last visit,  I was recommended by Kama SA the red sandalwood soap for my acne prone skin.  I couldn’t say no to this bar of soap. The attractive red color packaging and the high claims of the soap made me buy it. 

What Kama Ayurveda claims:-

made with natural red sandalwood and pure sandalwood oil which is prescribed in ayurveda for curing various skin related issues like acne,  sunburn,  blemishes,  premature aging… Contains a blend of cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil and natural bees wax. “


  • Prevents acne
  • Nourishes skin
  • Restores natural growth
  • Works on sunburns 

List of Ingredients and How to use:-

Rs. 525 for 120 grams,  Available at Kama ayurveda stores and on their website. 

I had never used soap on my face and I never thought I will ever use one. But for the last one month I have been using this and I love the results. Red sandalwood is beneficial in reducing acne scars and pigmentation.  

I love the way it has helped me lighten my acne scars. Though its a soap,  it has never made my skin dry. I don’t get any itchy,  stretchy feeling on my skin. The list of ingredients is super impressive (see the pic above). Red sandalwood and pure sandalwood… Wowww! It’s a huge bar and will surely last for more than a month. 

 It talks about working on sunburns but I can’t really comment on this as my skin is not sunburnt . Also I am not a great fan of the fragrance. It is not bad, it is just that I don’t like it. 


  • Lightens acne scars
  • No new breakouts
  • Does not make my skin dry
  • Great list of ingredients
  • Lasts more than a month
  • Love the attractive red packaging 


  • Little expensive for a soap. 

MFL Ratings 


I would recommend this soap to those who have oily and blemished skinDefinitely give it shot

Cya soon!! 


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